Welcome to Incarnate!

What you'll find here is truly unique. You will be loved and understood. We'll take the time we need to truly hear you and your story, and explain where your problems are originating from.


We will explore the cause of your problems, not just seek to cover them up.


You will find that you begin to see your life as interconnected, and your physical symptoms are the physical part of the story of your life. Healing will encompass every aspect of your life, and you will find that even ordinary things take on new meaning.


Whether you are suffering with depression, fatigue, digestive problems, infertility or back pain, we have solutions for you. Our solutions will help to relieve your discomfort, and lead you to a more vital life.


We'll teach you how to eat to nourish your body and mind, how to strength and support your posture, and how to maximize your genetic potential. Along the way, we'll help you overcome the lingering wounds in your life that have caused you to become less than you were meant to be.


It's pretty amazing. We're glad you're here!

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to meet every person where they are at
  • To come to know and understand their story, their struggles, and their goals
  • To go above and beyond to help them understand and embrace their journey
  • To encourage them to be transformed by and victorious in their struggles
  • To help them achieve their goals through chiropractic, functional medicine, emotional healing, love and support



Our Vision

Our vision is to challenge our society to remember the truth of how we are made, and what we are called to become; to embrace the lifelong healing journey as a path to growth and holiness, and to seek physical healing not simply to ease our lives, but also to transform them.


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