Meet The Doctor

Kimberly Schmidt, DC, DABCI sees the world a little differently than most folks. Whereas most people only see the surface reality, she sees more deeply. That’s what Incarnate is all about-seeing deeply, and that’s where her heart is.

The word “Incarnate” literally means “in flesh”. It means that there is something larger housed in the physical reality. It is richer than it appears at first glance. Dr. Kim brings this concept into healthcare. She has always had a passion for understanding the person as a whole. Finding meaning, purpose and beauty in everything has been her hallmark.

She was born and raised in upstate New York. She graduated from Binghamton University after studying biology and psychology. In 1993, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic. She has integrated many different techniques into her work, as she loves to learn and bring more options to her patients.

She is a board certified chiropractic internist. This diplomate required 300 hours of advanced training in diagnostics and treatment of internal disorders. This training encompassed: primary care, natural medicine, nutrition and functional medicine.

Dr. Kim has given numerous seminars, retreats, conferences and talks. She is the author of “Parables of the Flesh; The Lover’s Pursuit of His Bride” in which she explains many of the concepts of Incarnational Healing and guides the reader through personal healing through these stories.

Dr. Schmidt lives and practices in Fort Collins, CO with her beloved husband and their 7 amazing children.