Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts which focuses on identifying and releasing the impediments to healing, so that the wonderful, intelligently designed body can naturally heal. The doctor focuses specifically on adjusting spinal and joint misalignments that may be altering nerve conductivity, releasing muscular tension, correcting physiological problems, and helping to resolve emotional stressors.


The specific adjusting technique we use at Incarnate is Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT). What patients love best about DNFT is how gentle and effective it is. There is no twisting or popping, only gentle and precise manual impulse adjusting of the involved bones and ligaments.


We do muscle work too. We identify the trigger points and release them in a way that allows the tension to melt away. We also use a Vibracussor to get the fluids moving in and out of the joints to facilitate the healing process. Most patients get off the table feeling lighter, looser and more comfortable, and their adjustments tend to last longer too!


Postural Neurology is used to find the neurological basis of postural distortions, and design a plan to help you rehabilitate the problem areas.

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