Your First Visit

Before You Get Here

When you schedule your first appointment, we'll send you an email with all of the forms you'll need to fill out. Please fill them out, and then either bring them with you when you come in, or email them to us before your appointment.


It might seem like a lot of questions, but this information allows us to understand what is happening and why, so we can spot the trouble areas, and get you results as quickly as possible.



In the Office

At Incarnate, we understand that sometimes what seems like a simple problem can have a deeper root. We’ll start with listening to your story. Forms can only tell so much. Your story contains lots of clues to what the cause of your problem may be.


We'll discuss the treatment options available here at the office, and any referrals or concurrent care that may be necessary.


Then, we'll begin discussing the plan moving forward. It will likely include lab work, changes in your diet, lifestyle, exercise, adjustments, muscle work and targeted supplements, as well as emotional work.


Most visits are one hour, so there is time to ask your questions and find out if this kind of treatment is what you are looking for.


You may want to check out our recorded presentations here, or order Parables of the Flesh here if you want to dive deeper into this work.

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